Because it’s all about survival

all about survival

You may be in this situation by choice, or because of bad luck. The good news, if it’s by choice, this probably means you have some level of survival skills and preparation. If it’s because of bad luck however, you most likely have nothing other then your knowledge and imagination to keep you going.

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Saving Your Life with the Knowledge of Survival

Many people don’t realize how important it really is to have a good knowledge about even your most common survival skills.  Many people that they would never be laced in a situation where they would need to know these things to survive.  This can be further from the truth however.  No one knows when and where there will come a time to know survival skills.

For many people the most common scenario is getting lost out in the woods, however many others feel that it is very important to know survival skills in case of a global natural disaster.  The ideas are endless when it comes to instances where you would need to know survival skills, but one thing is certain, it is very important to at least be knowledgeable about survival skills, if the worst case scenario does happen.

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Hiking Safety

Having made my share of mistakes in the wilderness over the years, I have compiled a list of gotcha’s that can be applied to any outdoor adventure. I urge you to print this out and store with your outdoor gear. Hiking can be a most rewarding distraction from the daily grind, but safety should NEVER be taken for granted!


1) Plan your hike

You are more likely to have a safe and happy hike if you “plan your hike, and hike your plan”. To rush out on a big hike w/o proper planning is asking for trouble! ALWAYS notify someone close to you where you will be and how long you will be gone.

2) Know your terrain

Use every resource available to get to know your hiking trail before you set out. This will prepare you for the walking conditions. “Are there streams to ford?, Elevation changes?, Is terrain rocky or smooth?”, Just some of the questions that can be answered BEFORE you set out.

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Choosing the Right Survival Shelters

To create a successful and comprehensive emergency plan and survival kit, you have to think ahead and consider everything. There is more to a survival plan than extra water and batteries. You need to also consider what you need to have to survive outside of your home for a potentially extended amount of time.

Survival shelters are as varied as the people that build and live in them. Some shelters are so simple you can keep all of the supplies in a small bag; others are more complicated than huge, underground luxury homes. Whatever kind of survival shelter you use, there are some factors to consider.

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Killing Animals to Survive the Wilderness

This information may sound basic and obvious to the well prepared, but for the average Joe it will for sure be helpful.

If you ever find yourself lost in the woods one of the most important things you will need to know is how to kill and capture food for you to consume.  Although many people are against the killing of animals, however when it comes to survival you have to be able to give your body the ability and energy to survive until you are rescued, and for many this means by killing an animal to eat to survive.  There are many different ways that you can kill your food to eat.

Of course one of the easiest and common ways to kill your food is by the use of a knife.  However, there are many people that do not have knife when they become lost in the woods and have to use other methods to capture their food.  Fish can be caught barehanded without an use of a weapon and for larger and smaller mammal animals you can capture them in a trap and then kill them with the use of a rock.  Capturing food anyway possible is very significant and means everything to your survival in the wilderness.

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A Survival Kit In Your Mind

A survival kit should be carried by anyone who goes deep into the wilderness. What should be in it? Matches, a blade of some sort, and first aid supplies are among the usual recommendations. When you read the true stories of survival, though, you start to see that it is what’s in a persons head that often determines if they survive or not. What, then, should be in this mental survival kit?


A Survival Kit In Your Mind


  1. Willingness to learn. Even those who know nothing about survival until lost in the wilderness can still learn as they go – if they are willing to. If you’re cold, watch that squirrel dive under a pile of leaves, and try that to stay warm (it works). Notice what’s working and what isn’t, and keep trying new things.

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Survival Kit Outdoor Emergency Gear Kit

Professional Survival Kit

Survival outdoor

Does not require much space, and will definitely make the difference if you ever need it. Do you really want to take the chance to not bring it along?

This emergency survival kit is your best choice. Super lightweight and mini size, you can put it in your backpack, car or carry it anywhere. It’s a necessary tool for wild adventure.

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Special Forces Survival Guide




Special Forces Survival Guide presents the vital techniques used by the world’s best trained soldiers to stay alive in the wild, including how to:

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Was valid during the cold war, still is now. With all the tension in the world right now, we can never be too prepared. Or can we…



A field-tested guide to surviving a nuclear attack, written by a revered civil defense expert. This edition of Cresson H. Kearny’s iconic “Nuclear War Survival Skills” (originally published in 1979), updated by Kearny himself in 1987 and again in 2001, offers expert advice for ensuring your family’s safety should the worst come to pass.


Your one-stop guide to surviving and enjoying the Great Outdoors

Survival for dummies

Wilderness Survival for Dummies

Want to know how to stay alive in extreme situations? This practical, accurate guide gives you all the expert, field-tested tools and techniques you need to survive. Whether you find yourself lost in the woods, adrift on a life raft, bitten by a snake, or needing shelter in cold weather, this hands-on resource teaches you how to stay safe (and sane), find rescue, and live to tell the tale!

  • Know the basics of survival — perform life-saving first aid, make fire and shelter, and find water and food
  • Manage your emotions — cope with panic and anger, get the “survivor’s attitude,” and foster cooperation and hope with others
  • Increase your chances of rescue — signal for help and navigate using a compass or the sky
  • Practice expert survival methods — tie essential knots, craft your own weapons and tools, and make natural remedies
  • Gain wisdom for water emergencies — stay afloat when your ship or boat sinks, avoid dehydration and starvation, and make it to shore

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